Saturday 4 PM-Juror Show: A Conversation with Dani Leventhal


Juror Show: A Conversation with Dani Leventhal – Drawing Through Video with Jesse McLean 

Dani Coons, 2013, 23x18Dani Leventhal received an MFA in studio arts from the University of Illinois at Chicago and in 2009 an MFA in film/video from Bard College. She has screened her work at The Rotterdam International Film Festival, The Gene Siskel Film Center, PS1, Ann Arbor, Cine Cycle and Anthology Film Archives. Leventhal has been the recipient of the Wexner Center Film/Video Residency, the Milton Avery Fine Arts Award, the Astraea Visual Arts Grant and the Post MFA Fellowship at The Ohio State University. Her work is in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, The University of Illinois at Chicago and Yale University.

Dani Leventhal will screen 3 videos and show drawings that are in relationship with them.

Platonic (2013)

Run Time – 19:00

In Dani Leventhal’s Platonic, geometric spectors twirl in space; pet cats foam at the mouth; a little boy mistakes his junkie father for a superhero; and a confused adolescent worries he has sired a centaur. Platonic references both the ancient philosopher’s metaphysics of ideal Forms, which simultaneously exist outside our perceptions and yet give rise to them, and the related meaning in common parlance of non-romantic love. Leventhal trains her searching lens on the distance separating bodies, moments, and perspectives. The result is a study in the awkward gaps between appearance and reality, seeing and understanding, desire and its object.   – Anneka Harre

Sister City (2013)

Run Time – 04:00

Sister City channels moments of paradoxical experience–of being a superhero or being for sale–into reverberant conduits, articulating natures divided by panes of glass or suspended in watery solitudes. Each shift begets a kind of origin story: one encounter traces the specific azure of a James Turrell installation to a pet shop jellyfish, in another, a modern-day putto purifies a horrific tale by blowing bubbles in a tub. Sister City, like water, seeks its own level; cresting and displacing continuous bursts of life spiritualized, succulent, and ultimately alone. – Deirdre Thompson

 Nikole (2014)

Run Time – 03:00

A 27 second clip of Nikole dancing in drag stretched out to 3 minutes.

Jesse McLean is Assistant Professor in the Department of Cinematic Arts.