Friday 9 PM-Competitive Show #2


Programmed by Kristine Moffitt, Brad Maxwell, Ruokun Yi

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!
Pilar Álvarez García, Cuba, 2013 (22:00)

Bello,bello,bello_1Night falls and the National Gallery of Havana closes its doors. If you pay close attention you can still hear the murmur of voices of the visitors that passed by, leaving an echo that only the paintings have heard. Among them persists the voice of a visitor who abandoned himself on a unique journey, conversing with the paintings and projecting his most profound fears. 

Richard Prince
Nick Twemlow, USA, 2012 (06:19)

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 12.00.25 AMAmerican Glyptix is a series of micro video studies of memorial services and eulogies for prominent figures whose lives have intricated themselves into the cultural fabric. The term ‘glyptic’ refers to an engraved gemstone, and so the final form of this work will take the form of digital glyptics – videos projected onto gemstones, with a magnifying screen situated in front of each. These digital glyptics will serve as ephemeral, pixilated remembrances of my subjects, as well as a study of cultural hagiography and televised mourning. The first video in the series is Richard Prince, a study of Brooke Shields’ eulogy for Michael Jackson.

Reckoning 3
Kent Lambert, USA, 2014 (11:14)

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 12.01.07 AMReckoning 3 is comprised largely of imagery and sound culled from over two years of Mac and Playstation 3 video game play. Some of this play was explorational, some was performative and much was anthropological in intent. The latter category of play was conducted in online multiplayer “shooter” games, in which numerous strangers (seemingly all male) drop in and out of play and communicate via headset microphones. Though I had the ability to communicate with these strangers through my own headset microphone, I was more or less paralyzed by horror and disorientation; I remained silent and documented my eavesdropping. Reckoning 3 is an attempt toward a lucid and expansive reflection on that disorientation.

Frontier Journals 03: Aztec Baldwin Collage
Georg Koszulinski, USA, 2014 (08:42)

Frontier Journals 3 Photo 2In San Francisco’s Mission District, on the Day of the Dead, I encounter the found footage filmmaker, Craig Baldwin.



Demeter’s Spring
Daphna Mero, USA, 2012 (20:23)

Demeter's Spring chairsThe film draws a portrait of Kibbutz ‘Givat Hashlosha’ Cemetery, one of the few places in Israel that allows a secular burial. 



Historia Calamitatum (The Story of My Misfortunes), Part II
Roger Beebe, USA, 2014 (21:05)

Historia stillIt’s all right to cry. Sometimes it’s better than all right.