Saturday 9 PM-Competitive Show #5


Programmed by Lauren Drennan, Jake Nolan, and Zoe Slutzky

and none better than an old man
Josh Weissbach, USA, 2013 (12:19)

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 3.57.45 PMSomewhere between fiction and non-fiction, and none better than an old man explores traditions of labor, masculinity, and antiquity.




Ghostly Pulsations
Adriana Trujillo and José Inerzia, Mexico, 2014 (05:26)

Ghostly_Pulsations_01Debris of memory, those things that went un-filmed and un-caught. A piece that attempts to recover the marginal worlds, opening possibilities for celebration, turning back to look at childhood, at those unforgettable trips and Disneyland, all found in the domestic archives of the border region between Mexico and the United States

Bright Flower and the Scars from the Stone
Jade Rainho, Brazil, 2013 (28:14)

Bright Flower 1Bright Flower and the Scars from the Stone is the matriarch of an indigenous family of Guarani-Kaiowá shamans living in the Reserve of Dourados, MS, Brazil. There, deprived of their original way of life, they struggle to survive preserving ancient knowledges and cultural habits, while dealing with the effects and ailments caused by the continuous explosions of an asphalt plant, which has been blasting and exploring a sacred stone in the territory of the village for over 40 years.

Jeffrey P. Palmer, USA, 2013 (18:20)

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 4.02.08 PMThrough digital filmmaking, Origins represents a grandfather and grandson’s perspectives of Kiowa (Native American) history and storytelling, which together form a visual document tracing the director’s ancestral beginnings. These perspectives range from oral narratives and historical analyses, to the director’s personal memoirs of growing up on Kiowa allotment land in southwestern Oklahoma. These generational voices lead the audience through the expansive landscape of “Kiowa Country”, surveying the origins, homelands, and ceremonial sites of Kiowa existence and identity.

Living Fossil
Sean Hanley, USA, 2014 (02:25)

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 12.39.35 AMSpringtime along the Mid-Atlantic seaboard, thousands of horseshoe crabs spawn on beaches under the glow of the full moon. Living Fossil is a brief glimpse into a 450 million year old ritual.




Richard Ashrowan, Iceland, 2013 (17:17)

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 12.38.06 AMSpeculum is a moving image sigil, an attempt at a rehabilitation of the present through the prism of the past. The work explores ancient theories of matter in which luminous emanation gives rise to physical form. Taking the form of seven stages or seven failed experiments, the film draws upon the works of early light philosophers Roger Bacon (1214-1292), Agrippa von Nettesheim (1486-1535), and John Dee (1527-1609).