5:30PM: Bijou Filmmaker Spotlight – Rebecca Meyers

AJB E105, The University of Iowa, 140 W Washington St.

night light and leaping
USA | 2001 | 22 min | 16mm
An investigation, motivated by a cat’s vigilance, reconsiders the spaces we inhabit together.

USA | 2013 | 6 min | 16mm
“Bird calls, a forest muffled with snow, the soughing of willows, the flutter of wings. A reverie wrapped in fur.” – Images Festival

glow in the dark (january-june)
USA | 2002 | 6 min | 16mm
Radiators clang while spheres and cypridina phosphoresce. A rubber ball held up to light becomes a snowy crystal. Home science experiments and other attempts to see with the camera in the dark.

come wishes be horses
USA | 2016 | 8 min | 16mm
Audio from a birdwatching walk is woven with images inspired by W.H. Auden’s sentiment that it seems “only proper that words/Should be withheld from vegetables and birds.”

blue mantle
USA | 2010 | 34 min | 16mm
Shot along the Massachusetts coast, blue mantle combines historical accounts of ocean travel and disaster with images of a vast, roiling expanse. An ode to the sea and meditation on humanity’s attempts to conquer the deep and the unknown.