Juror Show: Mónica Savirón (Friday 3:30 PM)

MY NAME IS OONA“The Poetics and Politics of Sound in Avant-Garde filmmaking” is half-radio show and half-critical analysis of the cinematic potential of the surrounding soundscape. This is not a talk about the highlights of the use of sound in avant-garde films. This is not about showing how much research one can do. I would like to invite you to visualize sound as a means for film narration, emotion, and montage—what images you would use, and how you would edit them, if you were given the sounds I’m going to play for you today. — M.S.

Mónica Savirón is a filmmaker, writer, and independent curator. Her essays about experimental filmmaking have been published internationally. Her video To Begin With (2012) had its World Premiere at Experiments in Cinema Festival. Her film Broken Tongue (2013), a tribute to conceptual poet and performer Tracie Morris, has been shown at more than fifty major festivals around the world, and won the Best Film award at FRONTEIRA Film Festival in Brazil. Her work explores the cinematic possibilities of sound and avant-garde poetics.

Moderation by Jason Livingston

Jason Livingston is a filmmaker currently teaching in the University of Iowa Department of Cinematic Arts.