Competitive Show #7 (Saturday 9:00 PM)

Programmed by Anshil Popli

town_72dpiOf The Iron Range
Dir. Steve Wetzel (2014, 19:32)
Of the Iron Range documents a small Midwestern town that once held the nation’s supply of iron ore. Every year, people from across the region gather for a dynamic, convivial social performance where hundreds of wood ticks are gathered and raced.



The Shadow of Your Smile 1

The Shadow of Your Smile

Dir. Alexei Dimitrev (2014, 3:05)
The shadow of your smile, when you are gone

A teardrop kissed your lips and so did I






Citizen Ruby

Dir. Sasha Waters-Freyer (2015, 4:30)
7-year-old Ruby of Richmond, VA, organizes a protest at her school during recess. Her cause? Fighting the ban on Second Grade participation in the Student Council election. The feel good protest movie of the year.



Dir. Filipe Alfonso (2015, 9:33)
BLUE MOSQUE CEILING is a work where different ways of living and represent a space are exposed, revealing their seemingly peaceful barriers: pray on one side, contemplate and take pictures on the other; women and tourists in one hand, (Muslim) men on the other. How can we live in these two mental spaces at the same time: the digital and the meditative?


Walnut GroveThe Simple Gift of Walnut Grove
Dir. John Richard (2015, 17:55)
The Simple Gift of Walnut Grove is a short film about the life of an early 20th century Danish immigrant named Hans Hansen, as told by his son, 96 year old Walter Hansen. Hans emigrated from Denmark to the United States in 1899 and built a farm out of the native timber he found alongside a marginal piece of land on the Cedar River near West Branch, Iowa. The farm has been in continuous operation for over a hundred year weathering both the Great Depression of the 1930’s and the farm crisis of the 1980’s. Within this historical narrative, emerges themes of a father-son relationship forged under the harsh conditions of the early Midwestern settlement and the American immigrant experience.

Total RT: 55 min