Competitive Show #6 (Saturday 7:30 PM)

Programmed by Joseph Buckley

Dir. Robert Todd (2014, 6:45)
A day rises.






cali picture bookCalifornia Picture Book

Dir. Zach Iannazzi (2013, 12:00)
I will go outside remembering dogs + picnics. The collage is composite: time and matter
I climb memory of image, canopy of shadow.




Model Fifty-One Fifty-Six 01Model Fifty One Fifty Six
Dir. Josh Weissbach (2014, 11:02)
Model Fifty-One Fifty-Six chronicles the physical changes of the maker’s heart, which display a movement from human to cyborg that connects personal vulnerability to 1980s science fiction.





Alee Peoples_NonStop_VineNon-Stop Beautiful Ladies
Dir. Alee Peoples (2015, 9:00)
Non-Stop Beautiful Ladies is a Los Angeles street film staring empty signs, radio from passing cars and human sign spinners, some with a pulse and some without.





Sweet Oranges still 2Sweet Oranges
Dir. Nora Sweeney (2014, 18:23)
Heading west from my house, I explore the back roads off of California State Route 126, finding small, historic towns, farms, and railway tracks nestled between mountains and orchards – a landscape that evokes a dream of California’s past. It resembles what migrant workers might have envisioned when traveling west in search of work in the 1930s, a vibrant, fertile promised land. This migration continues. In an orange grove, I meet Jaime, Blanca, and Hugo, a group of orange pickers from Michoacan, Mexico, who share with me their songs, dreams, aspirations, and thoughts about work.


TOTAL RT: 51 minutes