Competitive Show #4 (Saturday 1:00 PM)

Programmed by Ken Yoshizawa

Victory_Dance_Still_1 copyVictory Dance
Dir. Max Moore (2015, 15:00)
VICTORY DANCE examines the life of Randy Miller, a 56 year old undergraduate student at the University of Iowa who has attended more Hawkeye Athletic events than anybody else in recent years.

SOLONDZJG_AgainstLandscape-2Against Landscape
Dir. Josh Solondz (2013, 4:00)
“‘Challenging the romanticization of west coast scenery, Josh Solondz creates a starling work of land art in Against Landscape. Whether political, performative, or both, the artist’s plucky gesture and the video’s precise framing the limits of control.’ -Andrea Picard”

Maybe DarknessMaybe Darkness
Dir. Juliette Joffe (2014, 25:52)
An old mediterranean family flat remained at a standstill for 150 years, as if stuck in time.
Years pass by as generations come back to it every summer for holidays. The film explores the blurring of different timescapes in the space of the flat, intertwining the visual presences of the dead ancestors and the fleeting apparitions of the living family members. Through fragmented voices Maybe Darkness questions one’s relationship to familial past and cherished places.

something about whichSomething About Which Nothing Can Be Said
Dir. Ted Kennedy (2015, 14:14)