Competitive Show #2 (Friday 9:00 PM)

Programmed by Maggie Clausman and Caitlyn Strack

All That Is SolidAll That Is Solid
Dir. Eva Kolcze (2014, 15:58)
All That Is Solid investigates Brutalist architecture through the surface of black and white celluloid. The film features three prominent examples of Brutalist architecture, Robarts Library, U of T Scarborough campus and York University campus. Footage of the buildings has been degraded using a number of chemical and physical processes. The film explores the utopian visions that inspired the Brutalist movement and the material and aesthetic connection between concrete and celluloid.

shadowsIn Praise of Shadows

Dir. Evan Raymond Spitzer & Kayla Reopelle (2015, 29:59)
In Praise of Shadows is a poetic portrayal of Tony, Gwen, and Leah Bella as the live their life in Upstate New York with no electricity, gas, internet, or cell phones. Their lifestyle, though unconventional, furthers the question of what is necessary in our lives. Is it possible to live with very little, yet experience so much life? Counterpoint to the grizzly mountain man, this film is not of survival but of a thriving and robust family life. Through their minimalism we are able to see that it is not the things in our lives which provide us with comfort or happiness, and we begin to question ourselves, and what we need, an more importantly what we don’t. The family allowed the filmmakers to live in the same manner as they do and film them over the course of a week.


Traditional Day for Eating Grilled EelThe Traditional Day for Eating Grilled Eel
Dir. Joel Schlemowitz (2014, 6:00)
Events of a summer day in Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park.






Dir. Dan Browne (2014, 2:50)
Journeys in Banff and Jasper National Parks, Alberta.
“A journey without arrival in the great tradition of Canadian landscape travelogues.” – Richard Kerr




Rhayne-Vermette-Rob-WhatRob What
Dir. Rhayne Vermette (2014, 19:00)
Rob Vilar, the most criminally unknown actor to have walked the planet Earth. Salvaged from a dumpster near the National Screen Institute’s offices in Winnipeg, this video is the seminal preface to this man’s story and his evolving craft. A pandemonium of film clips and reenactments celebrate the origins of Vilar’s artistic ingenuity, while a portrait of Winnipeg and its underground enterprises are epitomized. At last, we have a star!



TOTAL RT: 1 hour 14 minutes