1PM: Competitive Program #2

AJB E105, The University of Iowa, 140 W Washington St.

Reckoning 4 – Kent Lambert
USA | 2016 | 10:06 min | digital
Reckoning 4 reflects on toxic masculinity and the dystopia of simulation. If you walk too close to the GTAV cop, he guns you down. You can pose your MGSV character in quasi-sexual positions with other soldiers, but you must first knock them out. ‘I get what I want, when I want it,’ says the billionaire to his wife, ‘I need something more, but what else is there?'”
–Kent Lambert

Gabey and Mike – Alexis Mitchell
Canada | 2016 | 20:30 min | digital
Gabey and Mike: A Jewish Summer Camp Love Story takes its name from a song by Mermaid Café – a folk band comprised of Andi D., Joe A. Rider and Merrill Nisker (now known as ‘Peaches’) that gained popularity at Canadian Jewish summer camps in the early 90s. The film uses the tropes of the summer camp movie genre alongside references from iconic queer films in order to grasp the significance of this band within the peculiar space of the Jewish summer camp.

Marking Time – Robert Todd
USA | 2016 | 8 min | 16mm to digital
Figures grounded, seeking sunlight, and at sea, following varied directions.

We Chose the Milkyway – Eva Rødbro
Denmark | 2015 | 26 min | digital
Cream-colored acrylic nails, long nylon lashes and hair from India. Soft boots and cosy-socks. Rhinestones and sun tan injections. Everything here is real as the dreams you dream with eyes open or closed. An anthropological visit to a secretive tribe of young girls on planet earth.

Mad Ladders – Michael Robinson
USA | 2015 | 9:56 min | digital
A modern prophet’s visions of mythical destruction and transformation are recounted across a turbulent geometric ceremony of rising curtains, swirling set pieces, and unveiled idols from music television’s past. Together, these parallel cuts of revelation unlock a pathway to the far side of the sun.