1PM: Competitive Program #5

AJB E105, The University of Iowa, 140 W Washington St.

This Was Home – Dana Levy
Egypt / Poland / USA | 2016 | 18 min | digital
Dana Levy’s ‘This Was Home’ is comprised of three screens, which present three generations of the artist’s family. On one screen her maternal grandfather, on another her father, and the third presenting the artist herself. Levy documents each of these protagonists on a journey back to their childhood city, and to the home where they grew up, which they had not revisited since childhood. As these personal histories are presented side by side, they turn into a multi-generational journey of identity, each becoming a chapter in the age-old history of Jewish wanderings.

Silent Reflections/Reflections on Silence – Lisa Bickel, Markus Maicher, Yara Mitchelitsch and Jörg Oschmann
Austria | 2016 | 5:07 min | digital
The city and its inhabitants are protagonists of this short film. The camera is roaming in anonymous and yet well known spaces, alien and familiar at the same time. Traveling through places of constant movement, of noisy silence, of ghostly presences, of silent reflections on concrete structures. This film is as ambivalent as the human urban condition.

The Magic Hedge – Frédéric Moffet
USA | 2016 | 9 min | digital
The Magic Hedge explores a bird sanctuary located on a former Cold War Nike missile site on the Northside of Chicago. Left to wander and observe, the viewer becomes aware of the park’s open secret: men looking for fleeting sexual contacts within the trees and shrubberies. The video highlights the many contradictions of a site historically devoted to military surveillance and now designed to preserve and control the “wildlife”.

Meiosis – Vilte Vaitkute
USA | 2016 | 2:34 min | 16mm to digital
Following the character of a university student, this silent short film reflects on the connections between physical, mental and emotional growth, change, and discovery.

Lingua Absentia – Kate Raney and Jeremy Bessoff
USA | 2016 | 10 min | digital
“A mother helps her schizophrenic daughter, Abby through severe cancer treatment. Simplified cut-paper animation versions of the world implode into colorful blotches where teeth fall from the sky, and faces peel apart as Abby’s mental illness overwhelms her ability to comprehend what’s happening to her.”

Se Shin Sa – Eunhye Hong Kim
USA | 2016 | 10:53 min | digital
Sook is an undocumented Korean immigrant who works at a spa in Korean town, Los Angeles. Her job is to peel off the customers’ dead skin. While working this unrewarding and difficult job, on top of living alone, she gets a phone call from a student filmmaker, Hong (played by director), who wants to have an interview with her. On the interview day, Hong shows her classic paintings of Ingres depicting beautiful women in a public bath and offers to take pictures of Sook replicating the women in the paintings as a gift to her.

Best Is Man’s Breath Quality – Sara Magenheimer
USA | 2016 | 15:13 min | digital
As an ominous voice guides us through Best is Man’s Breath Quality, we are confronted by dense and complex images and sounds that appear and disappear before us. From primates engaging with their reflected selves to glowing jellyfish drifting through deep and dark oceans, our visual perception of the human figure is decentered, leaving only the grain of analog and digital voices recognizable to our senses.